Baby Showers, Business Growth, and How to Get Free and Go Big

– Guest Blogger Summer McStravick –


A friend and I were at a baby shower together earlier today when she leaned over and told me, “I’m so glad I live here now. I love this energy!!”

We were gathered in a gorgeous home on the cliffs, where below us the Pacific waves were crashing and drinking up the sand, and a cool breeze was stirring up the sunshine around us.

She’s right . . . this is pretty cool.

Many, if not most, of the women there were entrepreneurs. The energy was of people who know what they want and know how to make it.

Our collective buzz to the mother and unborn baby was that of, “You’ve both got this! We bless you with amazing lives,” as if the room were packed with fairy godmothers bestowing wishes. You could feel the power, clarity, and complete sense that this baby (and all of us!) could and would do whatever we desired in life. Period.

I LOVE this energy!

It’s no accident so many of my students who are entrepreneurs emit this energy. Somewhere along the way, they’ve connected the dots and realized that their businesses only grow as big as THEY grow.

Instead of slaving away at trying to make their businesses grow, hoping their success (or money, or security) will then change their lives, they “get it” that the reverse is actually true.

YOU grow, and your business will follow.

Ditto for being an employee. Your raises, promotions, and opportunities for new and better positions will cap out at YOUR inner level, not what the world potentially has in store for you.

I remember when it first hit me that this is how it really works. In my first business, I did everything right trying to get clients. I put in long hours. I over delivered. I upped my skills. I charged low to try to get a bigger client base.

The one thing I didn’t do was go deep inside myself and break up the ceilings in my thinking (like the “go small” behavior and fear that was setting my price ceilings) and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I managed to get a HUGE fan base for my business (at that time, a magazine devoted to writers and books), but I had to shut it down when I hit the $30,000-in-debt mark.

In the next business I created, I’d figured out enough to know that I could build something beautiful and unexpected.

So I built Hay House Radio, had Louise Hay for a boss and Dr. Wayne Dyer as my co-host, produced shows for Abraham-Hicks and other über-amazing people, and basically grew a multimillion-dollar “start-up” within another company. Holy tamale!

My heart grew bigger every single day as I realized the kind of access into “Go Big thinking” I was creating for people all over the world. I had so many “Oh my God, am I really doing this?” moments.

I was getting closer.

Close, but not there yet. See, I was still an employee. I was still taking home a stalled-out paycheck, even as my job became unbearably restrictive. I’d figured out how to make OTHER people (the company and the amazing thought-leaders I worked with and for) abundant and big, but not myself. My own circumstances were not great.

In 2009, I finally began to see the big picture. I’d been playing small. I wasn’t trusting my life, or what I call “my Flow.”

I was holding on to “safety,” when that safety wasn’t safe at all. (I know a TON of you are relating to that.)

I was waiting to be given opportunities (by my boss, by my company) instead of using and trusting my Flow to make them for myself.

The Universe will get impatient when you act like that for too long.

All this time, something bigger than me (a guiding force, my “flow”) was taking me to a deeper level. It was showing me not just how to “make” stuff and attract stuff, but how to totally reshape my understanding of who I was, what I was worth, how I should be treated, and what opportunities I was worth receiving.

This is when my own personal growth started to be the DEFINING FACTOR of my business success.

Wowowow. This is big. It may be the cusp you’re hovering on too.

Only when I looked unflinchingly inward did my own outward life begin to radically change.

I left Hay House, and I started a company called Flowdreaming that teaches people to reshape their emotions and beliefs, and work confidently with Universal energy, or Flow . . . all so they can truly Go Big, create massive ease in their lives, and fearlessly and trustingly implement all the business knowledge they have. We get people unstuck.

They grow, and their businesses finally begin to grow.

Today, I work with dozens of coaches and entrepreneurs at any given time. And I can see exactly where their business blocks and ceilings are. Bingo, like instantly.

They tell me they can’t attract enough clients or customers. They tell me they can’t raise their prices beyond what’s “reasonable.” They tell me they struggle to get paid, make sales, or keep people interested in programs.

They worry they aren’t good enough to do what they want to do, or about what will happen when they DO get successful.

They take endless business workshops and programs but can’t “get” why they can’t implement what they’re taught, or why what they’re taught doesn’t work.

Ironically, none of this is happening because of their business or coaches. It’s because of them.

They haven’t grown enough to “hold” the needs of the business. The business can’t go big until they do.

The size of your business reflects YOU inside. If you want a better career or bigger business, YOU have to grow bigger, and grow your capacity to hold it.

When you step into this realization, you’ll begin connecting that your own inner growth DIRECTLY impacts . . . no DEFINES . . . your worth in the world.

You’ll piece together why paying a school or a coach to crack you open like a walnut and rebuild you according to YOUR desires (which is often not what your parents, friends, coworkers, boss, or society necessarily shaped you and them to be) is THE KEY to the stability, safety, growth, and income you need.

After all, you KNOW that there’s been a piece missing all these years . . . and all the skill-building classes and workshops you’ve taken to advance yourself haven’t gotten you where you want to be.

This goes for all of you in 9-to-5 jobs, too. Do you want your boss to see what you actually contribute? Do you want to never feel bummed out again that a coworker got a better raise? Do you want to be deliciously wooed into the next job or career that calls you?

Then start expanding. Go deep. Get into yourself, and be willing to unlock, release, and bury a lot of OLD, outgrown thoughts about yourself.

And then step into what you ARE and CAN BE.

YOU are the CREATOR creating YOUR life.

It doesn’t get any bigger. Create your coaching business. Create your jewelry. Create your art. Create your book. Create your hot new lover (haha, ok, ahem, your future life partner!). Create a career opportunity that begs you to jump into it. Create a trouble-free body. Create a best friend.

Damn . . . create anything. It doesn’t have to just be a career. (It’s just that many people love to develop themselves through their career since it simultaneously takes care of their safety and security issues.)

I created my company,, and in particular the M.E. School of Flow, precisely to do all this. I brought together the tools that will make your ah-ha moments and growth periods become daily occurrences.

But you can use any good system for personal growth to achieve this, as long as you truly dig in and commit.

Your own inner growth shouldn’t be the last thought on your mind—the “fun, frivolous spiritual stuff” you do after you do the “real work.”

You have to reverse that thinking. Your inner work is the BIGGEST factor in your business. It’s the cork that will get your business to pop!

I know, because my own business is deep into seven figures and just keeps climbing. I could never sustain that if I didn’t spend the time to get myself into my Flow, into alignment, and into my growth every day so I can stand up to every new growth opportunity it gives me.

Look right now at your business. It’s reflecting, like a perfect mirror, every belief, block, and limitation in you, and there’s only one way to change that . . . MAKE YOUR OWN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT #1 INSTEAD OF DEAD LAST.

If you’re already on that path, then you know what I’m saying. If you’re not yet committed to ridding yourself of your play-safe, indecisive, am-I-good-enough, procrastinating, or lack- or fear-based thinking . . . then get the tools you need NOW to fix it.

You’ll see how you won’t find excuses to call clients anymore . . . or get the website finished . . . or get that list built.

You’ll finally discover that “going big” isn’t something that your business does . . . it’s something YOU do for your business.

~About Summer McStravick~

Summer McStravick is known for having developed Flowdreaming®, a technique for empowering yourself through working with the living energies of our universe. Flowdreaming teaches you how to define and program your future by using the living, flowing quantum energies of our world.

Her M.E. School of Flow is one of the most innovative and comprehensive online schools in the world for developing one’s intuitive, intelligent, and energetically connected self, as shown by the truly startling success experienced by her waves of graduated students.

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