I had my baby boy :)

Ash and I had our baby boy!
Zack Sumpter Ghandehari . . . after 33 hours of labor.
A lot of laughs—he is here!

Baby Zack

At one point in the delivery room, I asked Ash to put
on the songs “Don’t Stop Believin’” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”!

I was determined to push this boy out 🙂

So now we are parents.
All you parents out there know what we are going through.

Not much sleep, and we have an entirely new appreciation for
running out to Starbucks.

That being said, we are madly in love
with Zack and are already strategizing
HOW to run a business, fulfill our dreams, and
be an attentive parent.Ash and Zack

I can’t say that I am an expert yet.
What I can say is that there is always a way.

It really breaks my heart to see parents giving up
their purpose and dreams when they become a mom/dad!

I feel like we are giving the wrong message to our children.

Go ahead, son, work hard to build your life,
and when you get married and have a baby, you’ll have to give it all up.

Why would anyone go after that destiny!

Saying that . . . I think it’s CRITICAL to be there for your
babies. But it’s just as critical to build your business.

Money provides support, memories, and better health care.
It gives you options that being broke does not.

Having a night nurse, doula, and nanny to grocery shop for me
and walk my dog has allowed me the very best experience of becoming a new parent.

NONE of what I have today came easy.
But you know what?
Being broke and stressed out had me in a bad mood often,
and it was much harder than the work I did to create financial

Shanda and ZackNow baby Zack will get his social security number in 2 weeks.
Zack has his own empowerment fund that he can use to fulfill whatever dream he wants later in life.

Ash and I don’t believe in handing anyone (including our son)
a FREE ride. Mainly because most people fail if they don’t earn their wings.

Zack will someday provide proof to Ash and me to get his funding released to him.
But how cool is it that we can do that for him?

Life, business, and parenting can look however you want.

Don’t be a fool and give into the old cliché that you have to give up
your business drive in order to be a good parent.

Adopt the mentality that your business will run on YOUR
rules, and problem solve the rest!
Many blessings, and thank you for all your emails,
gifts, and love. I felt you all many times during Zack’s delivery~


Much Love & Freedom,

Shanda Sumpter
Founder/ HeartCore Business
P.S. My weekly schedule will now change, as I breast-feed every 3 hours.
PROBLEM solve your business. Don’t put it off until later. Be smarter than the challenge and stronger than your limitations!

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