Bold Prayers Work Miracles in Business!

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My letter to God:

God, please give me a baby.

Yet I still drink wine and can feel my body rejecting the wine.

My point is, you can’t ask for a BLESSING then work toward blocking it with your actions or words.

The scripture says that God can produce a miracle in a day that would normally take a thousand years!

Here’s why I am sharing this with you!

I decided this past year that I was going to read the Bible and be faithful.

Meaning, I TITHED and prayed BOLD prayers . . . not the prayers that are weak or begging for something to come true. But BOLD prayer that any leader of their life would not apologize for!

Too many people are showing up frail and apologetic, when you have to believe that you deserve to have your dream come true. It’s called anointing yourself into a miracle.

So ask yourself: do you want money, love, or fame?
You get to have whatever you want, but you can’t do it alone.

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