Business Growth Strategies That Work for Start-ups to Make Millions!

After speaking to so many business owners on the brink of success, I see four major pitfalls that could suck much of their success away if they aren’t careful.

That is, when people reach a certain level of success, they often start throwing money at everything, trying to grow faster! The way to succeed is to do less complicated strategies, build slow, and fire fast.

Remember this!

Don’t be in a huge rush. Build a model that gives you an automatic raise every year for being a great company!

What’s the pitfall I see?

The biggest mistake business owners on the edge of major success make is that they get overconfident and start trying a bunch of new ideas.

Keep your business model simple!

I have now personally built three businesses—two for other people (and I had profit sharing) and one for myself. All reached millions inside of two to three years. My point is that after all that experience building businesses and helping well over a thousand business owners now, I’ve learned that building a business follows the same formula:

  • Build an audience
  • Ask that audience what they want
  • Service that audience often and make offers weekly
  • Be excellent at fulfillment and customer service
  • Get in the reorder business
  • Build a team of people with EXCELLENT attitudes

It’s really that simple.
Even after I teach this over and over again, Ill watch people focus on the wrong step, throw money at the next tactic, and struggle for a lifetime!

It’s definitely tempting to see someone you know be successful with a tactic (a webinar), an event, or fill in the blanks, but if you are not mastermind building an audience and servicing that audience successfully, then you are spinning your wheels.

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