Stop Being Wishy Washy in your Business

I’m calling you out because I know that you want your business and your life to make you happy.  But honestly, if you want that you’ve got to start making decisions faster.

Dragging your feet will only cause you pain.  Worst of all people will get frustrated with you and eventually you’ll end up with a team of people around you who don’t commit, follow through and it becomes a vicious circle.

I can call you out on this because I used to be this person.  You have no idea how much I’ve suffered in my life because of indecisive action. The amount of stress it causes you when you are in and out is sickening.  Don’t do that to yourself.

Where in your business and life are you being wishy washy?

You stick your toe in, commit then pull back?  Stop it.  Stop it now or you’ll develop unreliable people around you.

You teach people how to serve you based on how you show up.  Your business is a reflections of your thoughts and your life is a mirror of your decisions.  The question now isn’t who’s responsible for that.  It’s YOU!

Here’s what to do assuming you want to have a shift and up-level your life.

1)  Take responsibility and stop pointing the finger.
Business and life are about problem solving.  Become good at it and never act as if it’s someone else’s fault because that’s the basis for staying stuck.  I want you to be FREE and that first comes from FAST decision making and commitment to stay in the game long enough to see real results.  Often that’s a few years so don’t give up yet.

2)  Clean things up now.  You already know what you have to do.  It’s been bugging you for a while.  Stop dipping your toe in and make a decision.  Set yourself up so that you are growing consistently and don’t try to grow to fast

3)  After you make your decision go after it but schedule time in to be with you!  Meaning don’t work yourself into the ground so that you don’t have the energy to build your business.  December is my personal re-energize month.  I remove myself from my business and I focus on family, friends, and something that is for me.  This December I’m taking cooking class’s just to mix it up.

LIVE A BIG life don’t just WORK all the time!  I watch people try and build too fast and I shake my head.. Yes you have to work but building too fast will cause you to leave money on the table and get mediocre results.  You think it’s because business is hard but that’s not the case. It’s because you are not being strategic enough!

Build a business that fires you up but also allow space to enjoy your life in the process. 

I hope this message serves you well today. 
Leave me a comment below.  I LOVE reading them. 

Much Love & Freedom, 

Shanda Sumpter
CEO | Business Coach
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