How to Grow your Facebook LIKES

How to Grow your

 Facebook LIKES



This is pretty cool.  In the last month we’ve been playing with Facebook advertising and authentic marketing strategies to increase our exposure online.

We’ve been able to convert $30,000 dollars Plus on one single Facebook campaign.

To say that we “LIKE” Facebook is an understatement.  We LOVE it!

Here’s what’s cool. We are only investing a little over $400 a month in Facebook ads as we test what works and what doesn't.  The numbers convert when you know what you are doing, and we’ve found sharing your REAL self with your community is a huge benefit to growing your numbers.


Here are our last week Facebook numbers:

(Over the month we’ve attracted over 1000 new Likes)

273 New Likes

554 People are Talking About Us

89,092 (Our reach is down)


Now keep in mind that we just started putting attention this year toward building our social media tribe.  Every month we chose a new focus to implement.  By the end of the year we’ve applied twelve great strategies, tested what worked, and threw out what was worthless!

If you’ve been debating Facebook marketing, here are some things to think about.


#1 Be consistent.  You can’t get a great body by going to the gym once a week.  It’s the same with connecting on social media.  If you want to build relationships, increase your following, and have outstanding results, you’ve got to commit to being consistent.

Download an app on your phone and post your life, what inspires you, along with educational material that serves your niche!


#2 Upload inspiring photos.  We’ve found that people love to share pictures. And it’s a REALLY fun way to spread the love and be yourself!

Here’s one of my favorites: 64 shares and counting.


When people share your photos, it increases your “Likes” and exposure to other similar people. Remember that like-minded people are attracted to each other. 

People ask me all the time HOW I have such AMAZING CLIENTS and friends.  It’s strategies like this one that make my network so powerful and loving!


#3 Share LIFE-CHANGING content.  That doesn’t mean it has to be dramatic. What it means is making a difference for the people you serve.  HeartCore Women is focused on helping women entrepreneurs live better lives and become rich!

We are very clear on OUR ROLE and we do it through VIP programs, live events, and blogging!  We share all this content as an afterthought on social media. 

Here’s what I mean:  

—> We LEAD with our point of view on things.

—> We back up our point of view with facts!

—> Then we move mountains and get things done with our VIP programs and training!

Make sense?


#4 Use Facebook ads to target your ideal client.  Before you start making money, determine your strategy.  If you want to increase your “LIKEs,” perhaps you create an ad that says something like this:  “Like” this if you Love being an Athletic Woman!

If you are wanting to grow your list, create a landing opt-in page and give something of HUGE value away to your clients.  I give our video eBook that is aimed to help women get CLEAR about their niche!  No one is really doing interactive books like these.


Check it out here:


The Bottom Line is: As you build out your following on Facebook and other social media sites, be sure to lead with what you believe.  It will help attract the right audience, and it’s a lot more fun to just be YOU!

Please leave me a comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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