Client Retention

Client Retention:

Here’s the #1 Reason Your Clients Will Stay with You!


It’s 5 a.m. and I just finished the busiest two weeks of the year.  My body and mind feel like I just finished an Iron Man in business, but what’s cool is that I’m ready to sign up to do it all over again. 

I feel no resistance to work.  Imagine if your business got more fun, made more money, and you couldn’t wait to jump back into the grind.

So, I’m lying in bed and my text message dings. It’s, of course, one of my overachieving friends who’s up and checking in to see how my Sapphire and Diamond mastermind events went.

I respond with a BIG smiley face, saying:  “Really good! 

I’m in love with my clients, and 75% of them renewed for next year.” 

He responds with, “What do you think caused that success?”

I answer, “I taught a very structured process for building a solid client base and showed them where the money was.  But most of all I taught them how to think critically, so I really didn’t have to sell to them.  They are smart decision makers.  All I have to do now is my job!  All I have to do is keep providing them with the next step, and they can see the value.” 

Here’s the deal: successful, happy people don’t focus on the 25% that didn’t renew.

They find out what caused the percentage that did renew to step up. This way they can focus on doing more of that in their business.  Does that make sense? 

It’s the same train of thought as why some people are able to find the money to do what they want in life while others waste their lives wishing they had more.  It’s how you critically think that causes you to break free.  Follow me here because I’m going to get more specific. 

To be happy, rich, and free, you’ve got to find a way to be as relevant as possible for your clients and focus on giving them both what they want and what they need.

Too many entrepreneurs are beating themselves up and trying to fix what’s not broken—YOU!  You are brilliant at something, and that something paired with good marketing will result in you loving your clients, having more cash flow, and living the life you want!

So ask yourself, what do you want, and who do you want to work with? 


Here’s the #1 Reason My Clients Renew! 

I taught my Sapphires, Diamonds, and Elite clients how to process information.

Here’s what I mean.  They know the smart next step for them. That doesn’t mean that they don’t get scared, because they do.  Every time they have to hire another virtual assistant, invest more, and expend their business, they face the walls of resistance.  The difference is that they have the tools to move through that resistance and ultimately trust themselves.

You see, business is a lineup of problems.  Those problems are like weights at the gym. You’ve got to lift them to get a better body.  You’ve got to solve your problems to make more money.  It’s how the game of business is done.

The person who pulls back never gets free!

The art is in taking calculated risks that make sense.

The challenge is that most entrepreneurs who are struggling do not have a good mentor or coach leading them. 

Being stubborn is the kiss of death in business.  Doing it alone is a formula for going broke! And, like you, most entrepreneurs I know don’t have the capital to just throw around at random marketing efforts.  You need a step-by-step plan like the rest of us that builds out your business for long-term success.

So what do you do?

Talk to one of our business strategists and find out what your next three steps should be so you are clear!  We can help…  Here’s how: 

—-> Take three minutes and answer these four questions, and my team of coaches will map out your best path to more money and freedom. 


Shanda Sumpter
CEO | HeartCore Business

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