The Unwavering Art of Building a Business Faster

The Unwavering Art of Building a Business Faster
How to Make Your Business Self-Doubt-Proof


Have you ever wondered if your business is ever going to make the money you want?

You can get used to that thought because between here and your biggest dream is a journey of self-trust and confidence. 

Building a business isn’t the hard part. The steps are simple. Build a list (and there are targeted ways to do that in 90 days), and then give that targeted list what they want most.  Now you have a business.  So why do so many people struggle to put it together?

They chase shiny objects and develop a strong sense of self-doubt when things don’t come together smoothly.  They think it’s because they have too many kids, or not enough money, or it’s definitely because they are a single mom!  None of that is the issue, although I understand that all of that makes things harder. 

What if there was a group of women and men who found a way to build faster and still have a life?  Would you be interested in finding out what they did? 

Well, there is. For the last few months I’ve been working with a group of regular everyday-life people to test to see what their results would be if they followed a very precise focused plan.  We call this plan Sapphire.  So if you hear me use that word, I’m referring to the group of people who are following a specific plan to build their business.

Here they are, and here are their results as a Sapphire client!


Marcie Peters was a typical woman who people naturally loved.  That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that she was working too hard without a good plan for success.  She was making the mistake that many people do—getting more credentials in hopes that it would pay off some day and provide her financial freedom.  For anyone who thinks another certification will ensure more clients, I’ll tell you that’s not true.  A good marketing plan will.  Today Marcie now has over 8,000 new people who are interested in getting her help. What you might not know is that her list took only four months to build! That’s a game changer for a woman who was HOPING that things would eventually fall into place!


Like many SINGLE MOMS, Cindy is an inspiration for you to not hold back even if you are pregnant and just starting a business.  While Cindy has been pregnant, she has been building a business in her spare time.  In fact, she still hasn’t given birth at the time I am writing this blog post.  Here’s what she’s done while being a Sapphire client.  She has built a list of potential clients and worked a good marketing plan.  I’m happy to say that she just celebrated her first $9,000 month with her SIDE business.  So if you ever think you don’t have the energy or the time to build a business, that’s simply not true.  Cindy has a full-time job, no husband, and was living with the fear of not knowing how she was going to take care of herself and her new baby.  In less than nine months she put financial security under her life and walks around with a BIG SMILE on her face.


Tera is another mom, but this one has a loving husband.  Tera got the encouragement from her family to build her business, but she had to face her own self-doubt.  Last year she made less than $3,000 all year.   In the current year she not only has created a more-than-six-figure business, but she now is the CEO of her household.  Her children have responsibilities that are not positioned as chores but as accomplishments—essentially teaching them to have self-worth in what they do in life.  Tera also stepped into her own self-worth and purchased herself a fully loaded Escalade that SHE PAYS for, not her husband.  It’s got to feel good for her to be a partner with her husband and contribute the way she does now.  


What’s your driving force for wanting more money?

Please don’t say it’s just to pay bills.  Think bigger.  Think freedom and what kind of a difference you can make for people in your life.  It’s a lot more fun to connect a goal that you love to a money plan that inspires you to never give up.

And if you’ve hit a ceiling in your income and haven’t been able to push through, then you most likely have a strategy problem that can easily be fixed.  If you haven’t made the money you want working from home, then it’s time to stop and get help.

It doesn’t cost you anything to talk to one of my business coaches and see if we can help you build your business faster! Click here to talk to a professional business coach today.

Much Love & Freedom to Enjoy Life Now,

Shanda Sumpter
CEO | HeartCore Business

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