Fly First Class with Me

By the time you read this I’ll be in Bali, but I didn’t want you to miss this opportunity to virtually fly first class with me! 

I just left San Diego and I’m heading to Tokyo for the day, then off to Bali to volunteer with seventeen other conscious business owners!

Now that you’re all caught up . . . here’s why I’m writing.

I found myself in a really conscious moment while sitting on the plane.

First of all, my best friend was supposed to be with me and she didn’t come.  Bless her heart, she’ll be missed.

On the other hand, I noticed that I was smiling ear to ear staring out the window before we took off.  I don’t think that I really noticed how much of an impact trips like these create.

Remember in the past when you’ve had thoughts about volunteering but didn’t go?  It’s the same as having a dream of financial freedom but not acting on it because you’re too scared to speak in public.

What I mean is it’s just not OK to keep having these conscious thoughts and not do anything about them.  I call them God thoughts, and you waste them by not taking action.

That used to be my experience.  I used to be the girl that said “someday,” but not anymore.  . . . And I’ll tell you a secret.  When you stop listening to ten different people’s advice and instead start working a proper twelve-month plan guided by someone who has what you want, you’ll get there too!

So why am I telling you this? Because living this life should be accessible to everyone who wants it.

Flying first class isn’t just more comfortable. It’s also a lot safer. Everyone is taking care of you and making sure you get what you need to be successful in your ventures.

I know that may sound cheesy! But I realized that I’m traveling Asia ALONE!—something you never would have seen me do three years ago. 

It’s a busy country and I can’t speak the language.  When I get to Tokyo I have to leave the airport and travel for an hour to catch another plane to Bali.  Back in the day that would have paralyzed me!

Before building my business I didn’t have the skills or the mindset to do a trip like this alone. 

Now some people might think that’s silly because they’ve done trips like this alone no problem. Well here’s the flip to that thought.

If you’ve done anything risky and have been successful, then you have what it takes to follow through and build a thriving business.  My bet is you’ve not been given the right marketing steps in the right order!

It took me two years with my coach to finally do a successful live event.  Can you imagine if I would have given up in year one?  I’ll tell you what would have happened.  I wouldn’t have the freedom that

I have today!

Stop being so impatient and stay focused.  Up your level of commitment. Whatever you do, DON’T pull back!


Truth about What It Takes to Be
a Financially Free Business Owner! 

Look, if you are a successful businessperson, then you’ve already accessed the critical thinking needed to have your life be happier and more fulfilled.

  • If you are a successful athlete, then you know what it FEELS like to get in the zone.

Use that feeling to get what you want in business.

  • And if you have raised amazing children and your family is connected and bonded, then you know what it looks like to run a successful business.  It’s the same!

My point is, stop selling yourself short because someone told you it’s hard.  It takes work, but honestly no one who wants a first-class life should settle for anything but the best! 

So as I sip my champagne, eat something I can’t pronounce (and am not sure what it is), my coaching for you is to stop making up excuses for not having the money to do what you want in life. 

Much Love & Freedom, 

Shanda Sumpter
CEO | HeartCore Business

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