Great Blogging Topics: How to Come up With Great Blogging Content for your Blog!

Great Blogging Topics: How to Come up With Great Blogging Content for your Blog!


When I started getting into marketing online, I was first attracted to blogging.  Although I had no tech skills and no idea how to blog, I found it relatively easy once I studied a few experts.

Why should you blog?

….Because the more you blog, the more traffic you get from Google. However, your blogging content needs to be good and original.  I see people repurpose their blogs on guest blog websites, and that’s not a good plan if you repost word for word.

Here’s why.  Google doesn’t like your content to be exactly the same on other websites.  If you are repurposing as a strategy, make sure you run your blogs through COPY SCAPE dot COM!  It’s self-explanatory when you get there.

The purpose of this blog is to show you how to write great content for your blog and attract readers who share, comment, and love your work!

There are unlimited ways to discover great blogging topics. However, I’ll get right to the point and share my 7 favorite!

#1 Pick up your favorite book for inspiration

Before you blog, pick up your favorite book for inspiration in your field.  If you are professional in your field and you are on purpose, you should be surrounded with books and articles on your topic.

Pick up a piece of literature and start to read.  In fact, I am a bit of a nut when it comes to being an athlete, so I can even pick up a runners magazine and find inspiration to write a blog about committing to your business.  You’ll find inspiration in areas that you find interesting.

#2 Starbucks for Structure

Many bloggers get stuck simply because they have no structure for holding themselves accountable to write.  I personally have a routine where I go to Starbucks on Saturdays, enjoy my morning latte, and blog.  It’s fun, and using this sort of a routine will help get you out of the house and into a new space to focus.  Try it out, but make it a 60-day routine that you follow every week!  Otherwise, put it on your calendar and stay committed to it no matter what.

#3 Routine is key to any success

I mentioned this in strategy #2, but besides creating a blogging routine, it’s also important to always be in the habit of looking for great content ideas.  Carry a small notebook with you to jot down ideas when they come to you.  Create a routine by cutting out articles you want to reference and write a review on in your next blog.  Reviews create great content for sure!

#4 Survey your list

Before you do anything in your business, build a list.  Assuming you have a list at this point, survey it!  Ask your community of ideal clients what they want most from you.  In one of the survey questions, ask readers to tell you the #1 challenge they need you to solve.  This will provide lots of relevant content for future articles.

#5 Ask on Facebook *** This is a big favorite of mine!

Be active on Facebook even if you don’t want to.  To build a business you’ve got to do the things you don’t feel like doing.  In fact, I’ve found that the areas people resist the most are actually their biggest opportunities for wealth!

We like to ask our Facebook community for guidance on what they want help with.  It’s a real-time approach to discovering what your marketplace is begging for more of.

The key is to ASK clearly, and tell them to post their comments.  If you ask a bad question, you will get no responses.  Learn to be clear in your marketing!

#6 Current affairs seed attractive content and more traffic!

Look at the newsstand: magazines are a strong reflection of the mindset of the world.  They influence people without them even realizing it.  What is your audience reading, and what are the headlines on the front page of those magazines?  You can do this every time you go grocery shopping.  I like to take out my iPhone and snap a picture of a magazine cover that catches my attention.

Write a blog on that topic for your ideal client.

#7 Check your comments.

This is a big neon red sign.  If you are on Facebook and using it correctly, then in your insights tab you can see what your ideal clients appreciate. Then give it to them.  (This only works on a business page.)

If you have an active blog, see which blogs got the most comments and traffic.

If you are just getting started, go look at a successful competitor of yours and find a blog that has a lot of comments.  If the readers loved that blog, then they will appreciate a fresh point of view on the same topic.

Make sure you are not just blogging and wishing!  Statistics show that 79% of people have their smart phones with them 22 hours a day!

That means that you want to share your blog posts regularly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,  and LinkedIn!   On Twitter, since the feed moves so fast, we tweet every hour, and so can you!  Just make sure that your headlines are solving problems for your ideal clients, and before you know it your blogs will be shared, loved, and converting readers into buyers!

Many blessings, and as always please leave me a comment if you liked this blog post!


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