Time Tricks: Staying in Demand is Hard But With Focus You Can Maximize Your Time!

Time Tricks: Staying in Demand is Hard

But With Focus You Can Maximize Your Time!

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Staying in demand and ahead of the competition is hard enough, but as you grow your business, you face time constraints too.  The challenge is, if you don’t learn extremely good time management and delegation, you are heading toward a brick wall in your business.

Here’s another challenge.  You are told to delegate and to hire more people, but money is tight so this strategy feels far-fetched.  You are constantly playing the game of “When I make enough money I will hire a better assistant or marketing manager.”

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.  Yes, when you start up a business you do some of the tasks that should be outsourced, but I’ve found that focusing on one profitable strategy every month brings in the money and keeps you from being overwhelmed.

Small business owners tend to try and play at the level that million-dollar companies operate. They want to be good at social media marketing, sales, and every other shiny object marketing strategy that someone tells them they have to be good at.


When other business owners are spinning their wheels, you could be getting traction in one area that gives you the leverage to dominate your space.  Otherwise – BE SEEN! Attract more buyers and start enjoying more freedom!

I applied this strategy in corporate America, but somehow when I started my own business, probably like you, I thought I had to be the best at everything to succeed.  When I found myself laid out with anxiety and taking Xanax, I realized that something had to change.

Here’s what I discovered!

The three things you have to do now to grow your business and your life!

1)  Build a list of ideal clients, even if you have NO IDEA what you are selling yet!

I suggest using online marketing to do this. In less than four months you can have a client list ready to serve.

2)  Become a master of authentic sales! 

There is an art to selling properly—a way that kicks your client off the fence and helps them make a decision.  The secret is in your sales conversion strategy and in giving your buyer what they want most.

3)  Give up trying to make everyone happy.

On a weekly basis I have someone sending me an email on how to run my business.

That’s a GREAT sign.  Think about it.  If having a successful business means standing out, that means you need a point of view.  Whenever you have a point of view that is strong enough, there are always people who disagree.

So if you aren’t getting hate mail yet, then one of two things is happening.  Your marketing isn’t strong enough or you are hiding what you really think!

I know you’ve got it in you to build a profitable business that has people lined up to work with you.  But you have to implement the three steps above to have a strong foundation for your business.

I am putting on a three-hour HeartCore Livestream that can help you accomplish your goals.

It’s completely free, and I’m not going to try and sell you a thing.  Let me take your hand and show you what I and some of my friends are doing to double our profits every year.  Click here to register right now before you miss it!


Much Love & Freedom,


Shanda Sumpter

Business & Success Coach



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