Women Are Holding Back, Missing Great Opportunities, And Wishing for a Miracle to Manifest More!

Women Are Holding Back, Missing Great Opportunities, And Wishing for a Miracle to  Manifest More!


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I See You Holding Back!

I often hear, “I know I am meant to do more and be more in my life,” and yet the very next moment I see this person holding back.

Women in business often hold back—afraid to expect too much, keeping up a guard to not get hurt, or looking for an obscure path with no risk or cost.

Here is the truth.

It doesn’t work that way. Everyone knows in their mind that they have to step out in faith and take a risk, to give up something to create a successful business, and yet when the opportunity comes along, they hold back.

Think about what is holding you back.

Not enough time, not sure what steps to take, no money for coaching?

A part of us wants to create our own business and have an entrepreneurial lifestyle, and yet we want the money in the bank to pay for the coaching and the extra four hours a day to create the business before we get started. That’s like expecting the crop before the seeds are planted.

We pray and ask God to “show us.” Yet when an opportunity comes, we hold back in fear and uncertainty. We wait for the “perfect time,” and we tell ourselves that the next time the opportunity comes along, “I’ll do it then.”

Honestly . . . that’s not how it works.

There is never a better time or a perfect time. The extra money and time does not come before you commit and take action. The action tells the universe that yes you are ready and yes you have faith that you can create the business and life you love.

What is so amazing is that as soon as you step up and step through the excuses and fears holding you back, the universe comes in to support you, to show you that you are not alone, that you don’t have to have all the answers.

A part of us knows this. We know we don’t ever walk alone, and yet we wait for better time or more time or more money.” We ask, “How much will it cost me?” instead of, “How much will it cost if I don’t do this now?”

So how do you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

  • Find a mentor who has achieved the success that you would love for yourself.
  • Ask them, “What can I do to move my life and business forward?”
  • Be ready for the risks, the “problems” to spring up in your thoughts like a bright neon sign that tells you all the reasons to stay safe, to stay in the status quo, to be logical.
  • Consider the true cost—the cost of staying right where you are for another day, month, or years.
  • Make a decision and commit.

Ask yourself, “What would I love to do?” Remember the true risk of staying “as is” is bigger than the risk to try something new.

What risk do you see when you are holding back?

What would you do if you were looking and choosing a different set of risks?

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