How I Use Google Hangouts to Experience High-Figure Paydays in My Sweatpants!

– Guest Blogger Mara Glazer –


About six months into starting my business, my first business coach told me that I needed to do a livestream.

“It’s the next best thing to being live and in person,” she said.

So I coughed up over $5,500 to stream live and make a sales presentation online to my tribe.

The result: $497 in sales.
(YES! I sold only one stinkin’ thing—and it sucked!)

Though I felt defeated, I remembered the motto my father had taught me when I was young (“Mara, Glazers never give up!”), and I knew I needed to give it another try. But putting out another $5,500 to do it again just wasn’t in the cards.

I remembered a few weeks earlier a friend telling me about a new technology released by Google called Hangouts that allowed anyone to stream online with a webcam, and figured “why not give it a try?”

I enlisted that friend to help, gave him $250 for his time, and on my next livestream (this time run through Google Hangout technology) I did just shy of 80k in sales!

Google Hangouts has been my go-to sales tool ever since!

So how did I go from online sales sucker to experiencing high 5-figure paydays in my sweatpants?

The truth is, I could literally spend an entire day teaching this (and I have), but for the sake of this short 1000-word article I have the privilege of publishing on the HeartCore Business Blog, today I will share the TOP 4 strategies you need to know to enroll clients using Google Hangouts. (And this works for high-paying clients too! On my most recent livestream I sold coaching packages at the 24k investment level).

Here’s my top-secret success tip for selling more on Google Hangouts: I invite my clients on the line to sell for me.

The easy way to do this is to structure your talk around three teaching points or strategies.

i.e.: “3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Extraordinary Business and Lifestyle in the Next 90 Days”
Or “3 Simple Strategies to Enroll 3 New Clients (OR MORE!) in the Next 30 Days”

Here’s what you do: after you teach on the first point, invite one of your clients on the Hangout to talk about how that specific strategy helped them and the results they achieved (plus how they couldn’t have done it without your guidance, coaching, and support).

Then do it again for the second point.

And then again for the third.

And by the time you get to making your offer, your attendees will be so excited about the results they will experience if they work with you, the applications to join your program will start rolling right on in.

Most people think selling online means your clients will sign up (and pay) online. But this isn’t always the case.

When it comes to enrolling clients (especially into higher-dollar programs and packages) from an online sales presentation, like a Google Hangout, you want to take your attendees to an application.

The application is where an attendee (or any other prospect) can apply online to be a part of your program by answering some questions related to your offer and to schedule an enrollment call to talk to you about joining the program.

Here’s why you want to take your attendees to an application vs. a shopping cart where they pay online: Most of your attendees on the line will want to join but will have objections, concerns, and questions. If you don’t give your prospects the opportunity to have those objections, concerns, and questions addressed, they will go elsewhere to find a solution—or won’t find one at all (and that’s just sad).

Consider making your application a 3-step process.
Step 1 is a webpage with all the program details and a form where your prospect can submit their name, email address, and phone number. After that information is submitted, the page should automatically load to step 2 where they can answer five short questions that will help indicate whether they would be a great client for you.

After that information is submitted, the page should automatically reload to a calendar scheduler where they can set an appointment for your enrollment call. Then follow up with all your qualified prospects that completed steps 1-3, AND follow up with all prospects who didn’t complete steps 2 or 3.

One of my most successful clients is a woman who only completed step 1 of my application. I called her on a whim, had an enrollment conversation with her, and enrolled her right on the phone! Cool, huh?

Don’t fall into the mindset trap that your Google Hangout is your only shot at getting people to apply for your program.
If you really want to explode the number of applicants that apply for your program, keep promoting your program for an entire week after the Hangout—and promote it to your entire list! (Yes, even those on your list that didn’t watch the Hangout.)

The way I do this is to send out promotional emails after the Hangout, leading my list back to the application.

Here’s the email schedule:

Send Program Promotional Email after Hangout
Send Program Promotional Email Day after Hangout
Send Program Promotional Email 2 Days after Hangout
Send Program Promotional Email 4 Days after Hangout
Send Program Promotional Email 6 Days after Hangout (24 Hours Left to Apply)
Send Two Program Promotional Emails Seven Days after Hangout (Last Day to Apply)

Expect a steady trickle of applicants over the first five days, and a nice surge the two days before the deadline.


Your focus in executing your Google Hangout should be on sharing your brilliance and driving new sales.

Don’t use the Hangout to set up your opt-in page and figure out all the technical know-how. Handling it all will just lead to burnout (trust me, I’ve been there), and that is not the mindset you want to be in when you go into new client enrollment mode. Plus, running a campaign like this (the RIGHT way), can be time consuming and even stressful if you haven’t done anything like this before. But it doesn’t have to be . . .

The solution is to enlist the help of a tech-savvy virtual assistant team (preferably one who understands marketing) who can be your support throughout your launch. This team will take the to-do tasks associated with this launch off your plate—from setting up your sign-up page, to making sure all of your promotional and reminder emails are sent out on time, to managing the attendee chat stream while your hangout is live, to a whole bunch more.

Because you are leaning on your virtual assistant team to take ownership of the implementation for your Hangout launch, you are more focused and more present, leaving you the space to enroll more clients than ever before.

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