How I Used the Power of Vision Get What I Want

Too often we get stuck in a limiting mindset and situation, without realizing that there’s an entire field of dreams within us! 

Where will you be in 5 years from now if everything keeps unfolding in the same way it is now?

This is a big question that is worth thinking about! 

I am just a few years from the day that I asked myself that question and I am thankful that I did!

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How to Find Opportunity in a Set Back

A few years back, I was living in a two-bedroom apartment and I got this idea.

I started to think about what my life was going to look like if I kept going in the direction that I was going in and doing what I was doing. 

I was making pretty decent money in my business, but I really didn’t have anything saved –  something had to happen! 

I realized that I’d spent so much of my time trying to build and chase this dream that I had to be an entrepreneur that I got to a place five years ago that I really didn’t like it. 

I wasn’t just looking to own a house. I was looking for MORE security, MORE safety, and MORE freedom in my life.

Too often we think the vision or the dream that we want is so far away and we feel like we’re chasing it around, but at the end of the day, nothing gives you a better return on investment than investing in your own business or your own personal development. 

Our decisions come from the journey that we’ve walked and the wisdom that we’ve gained from every breakdown that’s happened in our life.

Let’s just look at what’s happening in the economy right now!

We’re walking into a depression, and the great thing about that is that so much of your competition in the world is going to pull back (and already has). The truth is that most people are going to try and wait out a downturn market.

The problem with thinking like that is that the smartest people in the world right now, are NOT pulling back, they’re actually pushing forward!

Leaders actually look at what opportunities in these times are presenting themselves, and they’re asking, “Where can I help and where can I step into?”

So, back to the two-bedroom apartment! 

This was 9 years ago and I had the vision to move to California and live by the beach, with the ocean right in front of my living room. I needed a mindset for this. On one level, I thought, “Oh my God, the cost of living and the taxes are so high!” but do you think I have that mindset now? Nope!

Right now, my husband and I are driving around and looking at investing in more real estate. As a human being, I do have moments when the old mindset “Oh, I don’t want the mortgage payment.” comes up. BUT, I override that!  Aside from the fact, that in about 10 months from now, it is going to be a GREAT time to invest in real estate, I also know that I have to put myself in the field of dreams. 

I want you to put yourself there too. Here’s how!

Step 1. Vision: Live in The Field of Dreams

As a leader, you absolutely must override your fears and limitations to put yourself in the field of dreams. The field of dreams means that whatever you think is impossible, you are spending your time there! You should be spending time both feeling it and visioning it.

It can be as simple as wanting your dream car to wanting an 8-figure business! One of our clients just bought a beautiful convertible 500 SL. When she actually achieved this dream she cried not because of what she got, but because her dreams were now in her comfort zone!

I lost $2 million a month in revenue in 45 days when COVID hit and then I Shifted and actually ended up growing my total revenue 4x more than what it was BEFORE COVID hit. Are you hearing this? It’s so simple – what I’m saying is that NOW is the time to get motivated, to vision, and to pivot.

Step 2. Shift Out of Logic and Move to Intention

Right now, I’m envisioning an 8,500q ft home, on 1.82 acres, and an infinity pool where I can serve HeartCore leadership and business clients with healthy food, peace, and tranquility! I spend my weekends driving around looking for this home that I’m dreaming of right now. 

I’m still playing, I’m still visioning and I’m not going to stop and neither should you. 

The great prophets of the world didn’t live on logic, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, definitely do not live on logic…they live on dreaming. 

Successful leaders live on imagination, they live in possibility, and the challenge is that we downplay that way of thinking because we think it’s a pipe dream…and so many people in the world have tried to protect us from having these pipe dreams. But, the truth is it’s in the pipe dream that it’s fun. 

It is rough and messy to build a business and pushing to make money, in the beginning, is really hard, and so is trying to put together a relationship that’s not working. Hard work towards something can feel like a curse. 

But hard work towards something that feels like a dream that you want is incredible, it’s liberating, it’s inspiring.

But if you don’t put yourself in the realm of possibility where you actually get intentional then… it can’t happen. So, now I want you to just bring intention into the dream deep in your heart. This means that you actually do go ahead and “waste” your weekends looking at property you can’t afford! Or whatever your next BIG dream is!

None of our dreams happen if we sit in logic, because none of them make sense. When you look at your bank accounts, it doesn’t make sense, you look at your time, your education, your skill set – it doesn’t make sense! Just like it didn’t make sense for me to be running a company like I’m running today. Dreams don’t make sense…

Step 3: Pivot When Change And Disruption Occurs

Whatever dream you last had, that dream has now come true and your next dream is going to come true too, but you have to pivot. 

I don’t want you to miss the opportunity in the downturn of the market. I don’t want you to get lost in the news. I want you to be on top of your logic and on top of your limitations. I want you to shift your thinking to, “You know what!? Maybe it would be possible for me to get a place on the ocean, or maybe a place in Montana or even a second home in Florida, or whatever that dream looks like for you! 

The best part is that when you start playing in that, you start to create even more amazing fun dreams. 

And so, what I’m saying is:

Go after what’s really important to you right now NO MATTER WHAT. 

If you want to pivot, you absolutely must ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What is it that’s really important to you? 
  • What do you want to create? 
  • How can you really put yourself in that realm of possibility?

Our attachments are the #1 thing that limits us. If you get out of your attachments, you can shoot for the stars and reach them.

Whether the challenge is the economy, COVID, or artificial intelligence – one thing is certain: we aren’t going back to how things were. In fact, we’re entering a period of drastic change. 

Here’s the bottom line,

It’s time to get clear on what you love and what you’re dreaming of, because when we get clear on things, the power comes behind that clarity, and then we can create the result!

If you need an affirmation or a mantra for each time you hit a brick wall – just repeat to yourself over and over: 


I know for sure there that there’s always a way! And when we repeat this over and over, and the people around us begin to repeat it, it will infiltrate your thinking pattern and …there will be a way!

I know you have a dream and I want you to express it, and share it! Please take a moment to go to the comment section right now and tell me, what is your dream? What would be something that would be amazing if in the next five years, it happened for you?

Have a great week!



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