Shanda’s Training Session: Sure Fire Strategies for Crushing Sales on Black Friday

Black Friday is by far the biggest shopping event of the year. Take my mom, she’ll literally go into a store and spend more money than she ever should spend.  It’s emotional – she’ll spend money and then feel good because she thinks she’s got such a great deal.

Your Black Friday Deals Should Be About Adding Value

For most people, Black Friday is all about feeling good because they’ve got a great deal. If you’re going to have discounts, Black Friday is the perfect time to have them. At the same time, although Black Friday is traditionally known for deals in the form of discounts, I would rather you focus on ways to add value.

When you discount only, you run the risk of your people considering you a discount store – they will just wait for the next discount sale to come! Instead, run a campaign to increase value. Upsell and bundle your offers to give those amazing positive emotions, maintain your margin and don’t risk the ‘race to the bottom’ mentality. This way your business is not thought of as a discount store.

I used to think Black Friday was only about physical products. Now I know it’s more than that – more than physical products alone – it’s about increasing the value of your entire offer.

I’m going to show you how to make that happen.

Start with Problems, Not Products

Many businesses start with trying to create an amazing product, and then pushing that on their audience just to get something out for Black Friday. But that doesn’t lead to selling out.

Remember, whenever you’re selling, you’re selling an emotion. Start with thinking about the problems people are facing.

Write down something that you see stronger than everything else. Ask yourself, “Why is that problem such a problem for people?” You want to go deep. This is where the real wealth is created.

Look For Solutions

Once you have gone deep with the problem, you want to ask yourself “How can this be solved for them? What could they do?”.

Tony Robbins recently said something that I thought was super powerful. He said leaders focus 5% on the problem and 95% on the solution, and he’s right. Leaders, they look at the problem, and go immediately into solution.

If you find that you get to “How could it be solved?” and you don’t know how to solve it, chances are, you don’t care enough about the problem because anytime you care about anything, it causes you to have an opinion on it. So, go back to the drawing board. Choose something that you actually care about, as that will make it so much more meaningful.

Write Down Your Solution

When you have found the problem that you care about, ask yourself “What can I do to solve this problem?” When you just see any old problem, you don’t own it yet. Instead, you have to start with their problem and give your solution to the problem they’re facing. You’ll empathise more when you go on to making an offer. You’re coming in and you’re helping them get out of that emotion to the place that they want.

You should already be pondering solutions. You should know how to solve it, otherwise, you have no business making an offer.

What to Offer

When you figure out the problem and how you can solve it, you can make an offer. This offer could be you doing a talk. It could be somebody else doing a talk. It could be a workshop. It could be a PDF… anything that’s valuable.

When you’re solving problems for people, then when you make your offer it’s more appealing. This is very simple, You’re saying. “I created a Black Friday offer for you, and I think it would make a difference for you. Here’s what it is.” That’s all an offer is.


You don’t want people to pause and delay, you want them to jump in and take you up on your offer ASAP. Create urgency by placing concrete parameters on your offer. Achieve this by limiting the number of offers and selling your offer for a set time.

Time Frame For Your Black Friday Deal

Decide when you are going to offer your Black Friday Deal.  Is it going to be for one day, three days, five days? Don’t get too caught up on this. Make a decision and go with it. Go with your gut – you know best!

Price Point For Your Offer

$97, $47, $27, are great low-priced offers, anything under 99 bucks. Unless you’re really good at sales, I would stay with lower price offers. Six months from now, you could go back in and have a sales conversation with any of those people. You don’t have to get it all right now.

Give Them A Way To Buy

Make sure you don’t forget the buy link.  This can be a PayPal link or whatever payment method you set up. It can even be “Email me and I’ll take your credit card”. Bootstrap it. Be messy. Let it just go, and actually have an experience.

More Help With Your Business

Make sure to put this information into practice. I want you to crush it with your Black Friday offer. I have never heard of anyone being successful by thinking so long they miss their chance!

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