Making What You Want: Why You’ve Gotta Make the Money You Want, and My Step-by-Step Plan to Take Action to Get There!


Making What You Want: Why You’ve Gotta Make the Money You Want, and My Step-by-Step Plan to Take Action to Get There!



Did you know that women put 90% of their income back into their families?

I read this last week in the Delta Air in-flight magazine. I thought it was fascinating.

After reading the book Half the Sky, which I recommend every man and woman read because it’s life changing, I’ve now discovered what used to be just words for me when the Dalai Lama said that the world would be saved by the Western woman.

We are actually doing it now! I see it every day as women are making money working from home and loving what they’re doing. And their main objective is to make a difference in the wold. 

I personally think the world is being healed by professional women, and online business is helping us to recover faster than ever before.

Whether you are an online business or a retail store, you have to establish marketing funnels online or you are missing the EASY boat to passive income. In fact, here’s a step-by-step starter plan to encourage you to take an even stronger stand for making money online!

#1 The online sales funnel is basically the same no matter what your business is.

Your client first has a desire for your product or service, so they do a Google search. Soon you’ll be doing Facebook searches with the new Facebook Graph coming online. 

Once they land on your website, Facebook business page, or whatever other marketing platform you are connecting on, it’s then your turn to make a difference. The objective is to build trust and respect from your new possible client. 

In the online marketing world, we call this your free giveaway. 

This could be a six- to seven-page eBook, video course, or even a quiz or test you give to help them make better decisions in life. Whatever you choose, make it with the intention to create an instant result for your prospect! You don’t have to solve all their problems in one giveaway, but you do want to solve one really well.

#2 Next, you want your client to take action!

Often people want their prospects to buy right away. My suggestion is to take them through a longer online marketing funnel that provides more value with the intention of high service. If you want higher sales and bigger profits, think through building more trust and certainty with your client base.

The damage of having so many choices in our marketplace now is that it can get confusing. Here’s what we know for sure. A confused mind does nothing, and that could be why your sales are down. 

Go the extra mile, and give more than your competitors. It’s a longer-term strategy, but it really shows that you care. It also clears up any confusion that you are the company they should be doing business with. In the end, that will result in higher ticket sales and faster decision making from your client base.

#3 Make no fluff offers!

Make no fluff offers. I know it’s counter-intuitive to be straightforward when asking for money, but if you want bigger profits, you are going to have to become more honest.

Honest people make more money

To make a good offer, you need these three things:

  • Know what your clients are asking in their heads to be solved.Then build that language into your offer.
  • Cut out the fluff, and never oversell or convince people to work with you. It’s slimy, and it will cost you more sales than you can count. Be honest and lead with your heart.  That means you simply lay out what they get if they buy!
  • Build your offer into a story. Our minds think in pictures, so when you build your offer into a themed story, you’ll find that your sales go up. Many business coaches forget to teach this step in showing their clients how to build an offer, but it is critical.

Remember that stories sell, and facts tell! Build any offer into a good story that means something to you. It will have a stronger emotional pull on your client base, and making an offer will be more fun for you!

The moral of today’s article is to encourage you to go out there and make it happen today. Getting really good at your marketing funnels and perfecting your offers is HOW you can help more people. I know you want to make a difference; we all do. However, it takes making many mistakes and finding a good mentor to become a good business leader. 

Stop waiting for a better day to organize your online marketing. Start producing the future you’ve always wanted now. 

Let me know if you agree in the comment box below. 

Enjoy Life Now!

Shanda Sumpter
Business & Success Coach

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