Six Ways to Get GREAT Lead Generation!

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Following are seven ways to get great lead generation and attract good clients.

Before I dive into that, let me first influence you on what to focus on to reach ultimate success in your business. It doesn’t matter if you coach, open a gym, or own a food-based business, you MUST have clients.

You can have the prettiest branding and raise all the capital you want, but without customers and clients you are going to suffer.

Here are some of my favorite ways to attract a good base of customers/clients!

#1 Facebook Advertising

Pro: You can target specific cities, countries, interests, and other like-minded followers. It allows you to really FIND your people.

Con: The leads are cold and it’s expensive if you can’t convert your leads to buyers.

#2 Telesummits

Many people say this model is dead; however, we teach 200 people a year how to do a telesummit for list building in my Pace Club business program, and they build, on average, 1700 to 2000 people on their lists within 90 days. The cost is around $1200, and a two-thousand-person list is worth $4,000 in cold Facebook ad marketing!  You decide if that’s a good model!

#3 One-day Events

Pro: Face-to-face events are the BEST way to educate and build solid relationships with loyal clients.

Con: I don’t see a con other than when you are first getting started, you may only break even, and it takes six weeks to convert to higher paying customers.

You really should keep whatever you offer at these short events between $400 and $997.

#4 Banner Advertising

Great way to reach more people consistently every week. Your subscriber list grows daily. It’s a long and steady approach to attracting new leads and is often inexpensive.  Click here to read an entire blog that I did on this strategy.

#5 Your Personal List

This is the warmest and most responsive way to lead generate for a new project or program.  They know you, you have influence, and it’s your best option as a business owner.

NOTE: Make sure you communicate with your list often to build a good relationship with them.  Send a weekly newsletter filled with valuable content they can use.  And DON’T SELL to them every week.

#6 Sponsoring an Event

This can be an expensive upfront investment, often ranging from $5k to $20k. Here’s what’s great, though. You have a captive audience for an hour to ninety minutes that you can make an offer to. Most of the time, if you are properly trained and your presentation is good, you will convert double your investment when you speak. Get business coaching on how to do this right.

There are still many more ways to generate leads, but I thought that would get you started.  Please leave a comment below and let me know what else you would like me to cover in an upcoming blog post!

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