Stop Listening to Negative, Off-Purpose People

Mental Clarity to Stop Listening to
Negative, Off-Purpose People!

I have the pleasure of coaching and training all levels of business owners.  I see people who focus and apply the steps immediately and have fast results. 

I also see another group of people who get caught up in listening to other people’s  opinions and get distracted.

And the third and last group I see are people who make it their mission to focus and worry about the small things that are causing them frustration and ultimately cost them their success. They do this instead of risking failure or rejection.  They reject you first.

Know that you will have all three customers in your community base.

The truth is, I’ve played the role of the third group before.   I used to judge and criticize people all the time.  It’s not a sign that you know more. It’s actually a BIG red flag that screams “Help Me! I’m lost!”

This quote says it all:

What you choose to focus your mind on is critical because you will become what you think about most of the time. – By Noel Peebles 

How do you stop listening to negative, off-purpose people?

#1 Don’t give them your attention.

Nothing grows alone.  It takes more than one person to buy into an idea or argue about an idea for it to grow.  If you want to keep your focus, you better not have time for gossip or negativity.  It will affect your mind, energy, and ultimately could have you second guessing what you are doing.  When you encounter ANY negative, gossipy, or argumentative people, stop engaging.   Dismiss yourself from the conversation or ask to change the subject.

#2 Find a group of positive people who are focused on good behavior patterns!

For instance…  I had two people last week share some “not-so-nice things” about a particular person. It influenced my mindset about this person. 

Then a light bulb went off. 

One of my focused friends from the triathlon club said to me… Are these people who gave you advice REALLY GOOD friends or people you just met?  The point was to make up my own mind and leave people’s unsolicited feedback behind me.   

Just for a background on my triathlon friend… She is 100% focused on racing, her job, and her husband.  She’s on purpose, and therefore she doesn’t have time to waste on low-vibration conversations.  She realizes that in order to live on purpose, she has to give up fear-based thoughts and adapt good behavior patterns!

Fear-based thoughts are like viruses, and the sad thing is they usually come back to hurt the messenger, but they also cause pain for the Unfocused Small Business Owner!

#3 Know your Plan, and ONLY Work it until it’s Complete!

When you are working your plan, you are focused.  Don’t complicate it by adding more moving parts to a simple, straightforward plan. 

Ask yourself, “How will I know that I am successful?”

That’s your target.  Don’t let ANYONE take you off that, especially drama, other people’s opinions, or low-vibration thoughts!  Promise yourself that you will keep your head down until you reach your target. 

Eventually negative people will stop sticking to you because they will be bored that you won’t engage in the drama.  They will also start to feel foolish being such a detriment and will go elsewhere. 

Remember that when you are focused and want your dreams to come true, you’d better protect your mind from anything that could change your perception.   Build a network of positive people who don’t make a habit of talking smack behind people’s back and are focused on making a difference in the world. 

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Live life on Purpose!


Shanda Sumpter
Success & Business Coach

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